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The latest technology to support your health

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Welcome in Spa Center Marina Cape Wellness room

You are invited to try 5 methods of the latest technology to support your health.
At the wellness room, we offer you a new strategy in personal health care with the innovative devices of Nuga Best for prophylaxis, stimulation and restoration of the whole organism.
You have the opportunity of a jade bed and ceramic pottery to feel the warmth of nature minerals, the miraculous Turmanian ceramics.
With the low frequency stimulor belt for weightloss, you get athletic gymnastics effortlessly, and the Second Heart will give you lightness in everyday life.
The technology affects the whole organism, all life systems - musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, etc.
Massage devices purify from toxins and harmful substances. The body recovers itself using its internal capabilities and natural processes.
Nuga Best devices are a real opportunity to keep your health, energy and strength.

Come and try Marina Cape Wellness Spa

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For reservations or questions, please contact us at:

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